i am physically drained...
Friday, May 21, 2010

I like oni went to bed ard 2am this morning.. woke up early!!
had a great day at sch!! wah i had so much of fun chatting the whole day..hehe

that after sch..went shopping on my own for the dress..you know something while I was
shopping I did wish to myself I wish dinesh was wif me here so he can help me out..
after I finish he msg me ...asking me if i wanted to go shopping for the dress..so sweet ah..
he just finish work n wanna bring me so shopping some more.. but i said its ok..so i went home
sat like for a while..

than started praticing the dance for tmr...omg!!! so tiring.. we oni finished at 9 ..if i am not woring we started at 6.30..

well now having dinner.. very soon gonna slp already..need to wake up and brush up and perfect the step..after that still have to buy shoes to match the dress...

k k ..better get back to dinner...c ya

wake up bitch!!!
Thursday, May 20, 2010

i know u so gonna read my blog for what happened...
so hear this!!!
after u send that msg.. he told me i cld reply whatever i want...
but he wld type it.. go get this bitch... i said FICK YOU BITCH!!! n he typed it...
and another thing... when u tried to call ..he was the one who passed the phone to me...

So if you still think you mean someting to him.. you are so fucking wrong....coz he was
so willing to type that msg just to make sure I don't get angry...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

who ever said my bf is unfaithful to me...can seriously fuck urself and die!!!
coz u don't know my baby like I do..
He will nvr be in ur fucking life...so just 4get it....
stop trying... get a life bitch...
there are man who are not att out there...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I really wanna go hone.. feel like crying being here sometimes... for god's sake..
i cant even watch a movie in my lappy wifout a ear piece... because somehow its too loud for everyone.. If it was my own home. I'd have my own room to listen and no1 wld say anything!!
I can't sleep in the afternoon coz i don't have a bed of my own!! I don't have a placce to call my own here!! sometimes I feel like I can't buy too much things because I feel that i might cluter this place!! I can't come home late...i can't do a lot of things!! I am supposed to practice a dance wif my sister!! and i don't know where in this house am i going to do it!! What if its so loud!!

I used to blast the music so loud at home and have so much of fun dancing..here I cant do any of that. I hate all this!! That's why I say late in school, coz I hate coming back ot a place that is not my home!!

I mean I have the best family..I really appriciate everything!! But I just can't call this home!! ^ more months.. Hope I last till then...

I really have to than baby!! for trying to make his home like mine for me.. I love him so much coz he is so caring and considerate towards me

happy mummy day
Sunday, May 9, 2010

haappy mummy day to all the mummys out there..
currently sitting down doing ntg...
in a while... i will help my aunty cook today...that's my mummy day
present to her... and all my aunties that will come later to eat..

k gtg.. must call dinesh mummy and wish mummy day to her..c ya all

Thursday, May 6, 2010

well i havent blogged for quite some time..
so much has happened..
YA ..mon nite i went to watch SURA wif dinesh.. came home oni 12.30 pm..
hehe .. he so sweet .. so tired after work . .. still bring me go watch movie..
I am a huge vijay fan . but this movie was really stupid la.. but vijay looks so handsome la..
hehe dinesh caught me staring at the screen like i wanted to be in the movie wif vijay like that.
hehe.. than i just look at him and smile...

ya than tue and wed also was spending time wif him.. i had so much of fun..
he is a crazy guy la.. hehe most of all .. i like the way he makes me shut up..
very interesting hehe..

k k gtg now.. have to top up hp to reply baby...

so sweet!!!!
Monday, May 3, 2010

hehe alex so sweet.. he was feelng down.. so i cheered him up.. now i pm in MSN is..
so demotivated now...but jasvinny told me something that i can be happy about...

haha..i guess i can cheer ppl up..like how dinesh does..i learn from the best what...

saturday i went for a family gathering at my cousin's place at semei..hehe so fun!!! gambling .laughing ..passing down the clothes.. that's like our family tradition like that...
omg i really really had so muchof fun..

yesterday i went for a birthday party... help my uncle out ..so can earn some money out of it..
omg it was a 10 yr old bday..omg i had so much fun!! super fun!!

oh yah.. after that went to dinesh house... now i know y he called me to come..just to eat crocodile meat... hehe very sweet actually...coz he knows i have ashma.. n eating crocodile meat helps ...the thing is.. he told me it was chicken and he kept forcing me to eat that so called chicken.. hehe..so sweet la he.. the thing is..he actually remembered crocodile meat helps..his mum also has ashma..so yah.. his mum and all of us at home ate it..hehe only he and his mum knew it was chicken la..

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